August 2014: Hydraulic Fracturing aka Fracking

Write a song that reveals the social and environmental catatastrophe of fracking — also known as hydro-fracking or hydraulic fracturing.

We want songs addressing the impact fracking is already having on communities, water, and the climate. We also want songs about how people are resisting the injustice of fracking being forced upon their communities — who suffers and who profits. We’re interested, though not exclusively, in songs that people can sing together as they’re carrying out the struggle to put an end to fracking as well as songs that people in the struggle feel inspired by. Songs may touch on issues related to fracking, such as renewable energy alternatives, and harms caused by pipelines that carry fracked gas, and songs may also explore connections with other forms of extreme energy extraction. But songs are only eligible that deal directly with the issue of fracking.

Submissions are closed.

The Song of the Month will be announced sometime in August 2014.

August 2014 - Fracking

One thought on “August 2014: Hydraulic Fracturing aka Fracking

  1. Sing for the Silenced,
    Sing for the weak.
    Sing for the Silenced,
    That the silenced might speak,
    For the downtrodden,
    Sing for those in chains,
    Sing for the Silenced,
    That the Silenced might be free to sing again.

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