December 2014: Songs for Resisting 21st Century Militarism

Submit a song that reveals the cold-hearted violence behind today’s high-tech warfare.

Today, U.S.-operated and U.S.-made drones are surveilling and bombing populations throughout the globe – especially the Middle East and South Asia. Governments threaten to use cruise missiles and other high-tech bombs when their geopolitical interests are at stake. Such military technological advantages produce lopsided military conflicts where the overwhelming risk of death is on just one side – or, so it seems. The technologically superior side feels a sense of impunity to kill at will. Meanwhile, arms manufacturers make staggering profits by selling weapons throughout the globe, leading to everyday death and destruction in societies already burdened by climate instability, poverty, and failing infrastructure.

We want songs about the movements demanding peace in these times of computerized warfare, and we wants songs that sensitize and educate us about the ways that 21st century militarism is snuffing out the dreams of people all over the globe today.

The deadline to submit your song is November 24, 2014.

December 2014: Resisting 21st Century Militarism

3 thoughts on “December 2014: Songs for Resisting 21st Century Militarism

  1. The song i really want to submit is Jolie Rickman’s anthem ” Peace-loving nation” but it does not seem to fit the guidelines of authorship. i think it would be essential to include her song in the mix– it is truly an anthemic song and i have seen firsthand the power it has to move so many people.

    is 21st century militarism all that different from militarism throughout the centuries? is it really a different animal? is it more heinous? more insidious? how to measure the injuries of war? millions dead, displaced, the rippling crippling effect on families and generations?
    Most people can fathom and many know directly the horrors of war. What we need are anthems of peace. Songs should offer immense hope, while still recognizing the despair and the seemingly insurmountable powers of the militarized machine we are up against. ultimately, in the end, it is us, it is the promise of peace that keeps us “moving forward”– it is us, a ‘peace-loving nation’ who will create the world we long for.
    resistance lies in the offering of alternatives.

    1. Colleen, thank you for your comment. The only issue PMN would have with honoring a song posthumously is one of permissions from the copyright holder. The submission form includes a checkbox from the song’s author that PMN has permission to feature the song. If someone who now owns those rights would submit the song and provide the song we would accept it.

    2. Hi Colleen.

      We postponed this topic, but your comments are well heard. I think we should find a way to include such as song. Do you know who can provide permission to include Jolie’s song posthumously. I agree that including such a song is essential, but we need the permission of someone who can speak for her. We ran into this with the songs to remember Pete Seeger theme, and I obtained permission to include Ray Korona’s song “Sing Like Pete” posthumously. Can you do this for us?

      Steve Deasy,
      Administrator, Song of the Month

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