January 2015: Songs to Remember Pete Seeger

In the year since Pete Seeger’s passing, many songwriters whose lives have been touched by Pete Seeger have written songs to remember his life and the ideas and values he left us with. This month, please submit a song written since Pete died on January 27, 2014 in order to memorialize and honor Pete’s legacy. We are especially hoping to hear some of these songs at the PMN Winter Gathering in Greenfield, MA from January 23-25, 2015.

The deadline to submit your song is December 31, 2014.

January 2015: Songs to Remember Pete Seeger

9 thoughts on “January 2015: Songs to Remember Pete Seeger

  1. Ben, I submitted my Pete Seeger song, but have changed lyrics since I wrote it. I am on the road and will try to get you the updated version from earlier this year. Also, the format may have changed on the lyric submission. It will be easier to email the new lyric, as I am currently on the road with laptop.

  2. I wrote this song shortly after died. I sent two versions of my song, Singing All Together. One is a very rough recording I made at the radio station. The other is a You Tube version of the song I sang at a Pete Seeger this past tribute which I think is better than the rough cut. If I had known about this sooner I could have made a better recording at the radio station. I still can if you want me to. But hopefully you can use the You Tube version. On the same You Tube is Rainbow Race…so I hope you can separate it.
    Let me know and best of everything to everyone.
    Jon Stein

  3. The song I wrote and submitted to PMN is taken from a video of a tribute to Pete that several other performers took part in last summer. The mp3 is my song, Singing All Together, which features RJ Storm on banjo and Gary Hagen on lead guitar.
    The video includes the same song, but starts with the gang singing Rainbow Race. It’s the only video You Tube has…..and I couldn’t separate the two songs.

    Long Live Pete Seeger!!!!!

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