June 2014: The Climate Crisis

The PMN Song of the Month for June 2014 is “Come Winter” by Kate Boverman and Ethan Miller from Greene, Maine.

In this song, a couple looks to each other for support and hope while expressing their fears for themselves and the earth as the climate crises unfolds before us.

Come Winter  –  PMN June 2014 Song of the Month

Words and music by Kate Boverman & Ethan Miller


I remember six feet under
The ground was frozen beneath the snow
I remember longing for summer
Huddled ’round the fire as the cold winds blow
But the buds are breaking In January
And the ice is melting if it ever froze at all
The world is turning
The sun is burning
We are the children of the thaw
Are you ready? Are you prepared?
All I know is that I’m scared
Stay beside me
Hold me tightly
You don’t have to tell me That everything’s OK
Just help me to believe
As my hope starts to leave
That there’s something we can do besides pray
And I cry to the trees
Don’t wake up, stay asleep
This is all just a dream
I’ll see you in the spring
If it comes like before
Or with violence like war
If the rains hit the ground
If the birds make a sound
What was springtime?
What was winter?
What came after the fall?
Anything at all? 

Kate Boverman and Ethan Miller have been making music together for fifteen years, writing and singing songs of hope and struggle around backwoods campfires, in living rooms and on stage. They have toured as part of the Riotfolk Collective and recorded one album, If All the Land Would Rise (2004). Kate and Ethan live, work and play with their son Loren and other lovely people at the JED Collective, a cooperative homestead in Greene, Maine. Kate is working with fellow collective members to develop a permaculture-based subsistence farm, and Ethan is completing a PhD on imagining and enacting livelihoods beyond capitalism.

Website: http://www.soundclick.com/ethanmillerandkateboverman

1700 Miles of Pipe – Honorable Mention

Words and Music by Farhad Ebrahimi. He lives in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

1700 miles of pipe

Farhad Ebrahimi is the founder and trustee chair of the Chorus Foundation, which works for a just transition to a regenerative economy in the United States. The Chorus Foundation supports communities on the front lines of the old, extractive economy to build new bases of political, economic, and cultural power for systemic change.

Farhad is also a founding member of the Boston-based organizing collective Simorgh, and he serves on the boards of the New Economy Coalition and Citizen Engagement Lab. When not wrestling with the implications of such titles as “organizer” and “philanthropist,” he is a musician, lover of film and literature, and bicycle snob


website: follow Farhad on twitter at https://twitter.com/Yahktoe

1.5 Tuvalu – Honorable Mention

Words and music by Spriritchild

spritchildspiritchild, as he is known, is a freedom singer from the south Bronx by way of Brooklyn, who uses the arts to cultivate a cultural revolution. He integrates activism and hip hop music production as the founder of the Movement In Motion Artist & Activist Collective. As the Rhythmic Poet of the Hip Hop Fusion Band Mental Notes, he uses his music to converse with his audience to the injustices facing the poor and oppressed, inspiring action on environmental and social justice in New York City and around the world. No one attends a session with spiritchild without leaving encouraged.

website: http://www.xspiritmental.com


The Tide is Rising – Honorable Mention

Words and Music by Melanie Harby and Roy Zimmerman, Performed by Roy Zimmerman

Roy Zimmerman and Melanie Harby – Marin County, California


Melanie Harby and Roy Zimmerman have been writing songs together since before they were married 27 years ago.  They’ve co-written many of the satirical songs Roy performs as he tours nationally, including “I Want a Marriage Like They Had in the Bible” and “Vote Republican.”  Melanie is the author of the Simon and Schuster children’s book All Aboard for Dreamland.  She has played theatre music in regional theaters all over the country and was in the original Broadway cast of Quilters.  Roy has recorded for Warner/Reprise Records and is a featured blogger for the Huffington Post.

website: www.royzimmerman.com

Diggin’ Up the Ground – Honorable Mention

Words and Music by Oonagh Sherrard and Ian Moxon

performed by Green Tea Serenade – from the Hawkesbury, NSW, Australia

Oonagh Sherrard is a composer and producer working in film, radio and theatre.  Ian Moxon works as a teacher and consultant in energy efficiency. ” Diggin’ Up the Ground” was their 1st songwriting collaboration.  In 2002 they built a sustainable house in the bush outside Sydney and have been living on solar power since then with their three beautiful children.

rock1Green Tea Serenade are Barbara Webb, Lynne Trappel, Suze Pratten and Oonagh Sherrard…they perform original songs about life, the universe and tea and love nothing more than an inspiring serenade in the garden with a fresh brew and an abundance of sunny toe tapping warm heartedness.

website: www.facebook.com/greenteaserenade


Judges for June 2014
Thanks to our panel of volunteer judges who listened to the song submissions and assessed each song according to these criteria.


Qualifying Submissions

There were 15 qualifying submissions for the month of June. Listen to them all here. Thanks to everyone who submitted songs!

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    Just a friendly suggestion. Please make sure that you’ve included you latest updated version of lyrics with your submissions. The vast majority of those submitted in May did not completely correlated with what was sung.

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