May 2014 – The Financial Crisis

We’re pleased to announce the very first PMN Song of the Month for May 2014:

“Plunder” by Polar Levine from New York City.

This song uses a funky beat and splices in audio from the trial of the infamous financial criminal, Bernie Madoff, admitting in court that the Ponzi scheme he was operating was wrong, even criminal. The song covers many aspects of the criminal dealings that played a role in the financial crisis of 2008, and the effects on everyday people. Will anybody be held accountable for this?

PLUNDER – Words and music by Polar Levine – PMN May 2014 Song of the Month

The shine on America’s shoes got dulled
When Wall St. stepped into the FuldIMG_0744
Congress paid off, workers laid off
Stanford, AIG and Madoff
Credit swaps and credit stops
Empty wallets, empty shops
Dead bank walking is triple A
Grandpa loses 401k

Chorus: Plunder
It’s a capital crime
Will anybody do the time?

IMG_3003Money for nothing. Nothing for money
The housing bubble and the Easter bunny
The free market, Santa Claus
Fairy tales and a nation of laws
Bankruptcies, commodities
Retention bonus, credit freeze
We’re all paying for the bailout
Shakin the pitchfork, calling for a jailout


Clueless experts, clueless news
Waitin for the sound of dropping shoes
One shoe drops, the other shoe drops
One parachute drop ahead of the cops
Over-levereged, over-paid
Hard cash too easily made
Easy credit for easy crime
For the American dream… death by sub-prime


Greenspan serving up the Kool Aide
Timebomb ticking on every trade
The mirror flatters; the razor… sharpPolar Levine
On the company jet tootin’ up the TARP
Masters of the universe. . . the master’s voice
Greed is the creed. . . the drug of choice
Toxic assets. . . the master plan
Greed is the asset of the toxic man


Polarity/1 (Polar Levine) is a New York City composer of songs & instrumentals in all genres.  The first songs he wrote, at age 14, were political songs.  He’s written songs for Danny Schechter’s documentaries for the past decade.  Plunder  was composed for Schechter’s film of the same title; questioning why the sociopaths who tanked the economy have not been prosecuted. Polar was active in Occupy Wall St. for it’s first 2 years and helped organize Occupy’s Guitarmy. You can visit the Polarity/1 website to hear more music and download Plunder and other political songs for free.



We Will Not Lie Down – Words and music by Paul O’Toole – Honorable Mention

Paul O’Toole’s song about troubled times we now liveSAM_0378
in due to bank and government greed.

Watch it on YouTube



The Lord Giveth and the Landlord Taketh Away – Words and Music By Scott Cook – Honorable Mention

Scott Cook espouses the hippie dream by living in his van while he tours extensively with his musical message. He is a politically sensitive humanist who sings of weighty and worthy topics. hires oscar portrait web (03-13-14-05-43-47)




RACE TO THE BOTTOM – Words and Music by Paddy Mills – Honorable Mention

Paddy Mills is an award winning singer/songwriter whose songs are as salty as the Maine coast he calls home. As a folk singer, Paddy maintains an extensive repertoire of Irish, American, Maritime, Nicaraguan and Labor folk songs. His knowledge OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAof and
 respect for traditional music is reflected is his own writing.



Qualifying Submissions

There were 9 qualifying submissions for the month of May. Listen to them all here. Thanks to everyone who submitted songs!

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