“If there is a human race here in a hundred years, one of the main reasons will be we found ways we can sing together” — Pete Seeger

People’s Music Network Believes that a movement that sings together is one that can win together. Your social justice organization can partner with PMN as we struggle together for freedom and social justice.

Ways your organization can get involved involved with PMN Song of the Month:

  1. Promote the Song of the Month on your website and social media networks and in newsletters. Sign up to receive the song of the month by e-mail.
  2. If you are part of an organization working on issues related to any of the upcoming monthly themes and you care about the role that music plays in your movement, you can apply to serve on the Judging Panel for that month.
  3. Feature a live performance of the SoM at your event.
  4. Financially sponsor PMN Song of the Month, enabling cash awards for artists selected for this recognition.
  5. Suggest a topic for future month.

Benefits for Partner Groups:

  • Recognition of the initiatives you are working on in the publicity for each month.
  • An organized and juried online compilation of songs related to the efforts your movement is working on.
  • Access to suggestions of contacts from PMN of musicians capable of performing topically relevant songs at events you organize.