February 2015: Songs For Organizing

Submit a song that inspires people to get involved in organizing. Standing up for justice comes with costs and risks, but sometimes people choose to accept these. We want songs that inspire people to make these choices by making us feel more informed, more inspired, and more powerful.

We wants songs that can be used in settings where communities are mobilizing for justice. Because of this, having a sing-along component will improve how the judges rate the song on the criterion of “political effectiveness.” Moreover, songs that speak directly to the choices people today face when getting involved contemporary struggles will be judged highly on the criterion of “timeliness.”

Songs addressing specific struggles are acceptable. The songs, which the judges feel can be universalized to a wide variety of progressive struggles, will be prioritized.


Deadline for submissions is January 19, 2014.

Song of the Month will be announced and posted February 1, 2014.

February 2015: Songs For Organizing

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